Ahad, Januari 15, 2006

Akhi! Saya Boleh!

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Its the first mentoring program in Akhi Project with the kids. I woke up early and I went to Economics building. Unfortunately, there were only around 40 standard 5 students, boys and girls. They gonna bring another 40 standard 4 students in the next week mentoring program. Those kids come from SK Bandar Baru Sentul and SK Setapak Indah.

When I look at them, I tried to recall about how was I during that age. I am such a naughty kid and its not an easy task if you wanna get along with these kids. Most of the boys was very active a.k.a. hyperactive and as a mentor, we shouldn't treat them like our own brothers where you can scold at them and there's the challenge mentally. Besides being as fun as I can to get along with them, I need to improve much on my communication skill.

I disperse myself at 6pm after they've departed back home and I went to the swimming pool with my friend. I think for the whole week, that evening have a good sunset shot to be taken for my 'Photomedia' class. After I walked for a while to get the good composition for the sunset, I still not satisfied. Here's the picture I've taken.

To get a good shot, I need to get inside the girls college where boys are strictly prohibited. Anyway, once I return to my room, I slept till I forget to have dinner. I haven't recover my sleep since last 3 days. Gotta sleep and think again about my assignments.

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  1. hahahaaa... college nusaibah ekk .. nasib baik tak kantoi XD minat photography yek? aku pun minat jugak.. boleh ah.. begineer jee. tapi aku minat melukis lagi. ko ni budak major apa yeh? aad yee?