Ahad, Januari 01, 2006

AKHI Project

Yahoo! Group - Akhi Project

Anak-anak Berakhlak Islam Project. Its a community service that involve students of UIA and adolescents from 10-12 years old from selected schools. Its about mentoring program and these mentor will have these mentoring session and develop the kids academically, spiritually and personally. So, what is it with me?

I've joined this program and I'm gonna give full commitment and do some sacrifices in order to make myself a place in this group. Yea, since one of my 2006's resolutions is to get network and do some community service, its a great platform for me. I just went to its 'training course' on 31st Dec and 1st Jan 2006. Whoa! While others were having fun celebrating new year, there's a bunch of students sacrificed their weekend for this program.. for the sake of the community.. hehe

I just wanna give some shots about this weekend program. The tentative is just cool and so do the trainers and comittees. I'm glad I've joined this group because, for sure I've gotta know more students and of course some girls from different kulliyahs. We have played a real role playing game of detectives. We need to investigate all the suspects of a murder case. If you don't get what I mean, you can check this website.

Till then, I'll sure to report anything that interesting with this project.

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