Sabtu, Disember 31, 2005

Project Submission

Remember about my first project, the corrugated board seating? Yea, I've already submitted the project. Here's some information about that seating. Its metaphor is the maple leaf (as in Canadian flag) and it was extruded at the plan view. The unique about this design is that, we're only used 4 pieces of red-shellac-coated board and it can be dismantle and to be fitted in small space. I guess you can understand how's it gonna flatten with the picture above.

But here's the story behind the scene. I'm glad that my group member, Najwa and Hidayah were giving full commitment towards this project. I can say that we've managed to construct the seating according to our plan. 4 nights in a row, working on the boards. Even, we are the first group to finish the project and go to sleep. Heh, others were very tired. But, I only slept for 3 hours that day.

However, I'm not gonna say that we have the best or coolest design. Its just that I think we'll got low marks on workmanship. For the posters, the text might be too much and the font size is too small, and the most doubted is the drawing which our lecturers condemn much on it. Anyway, the project is over and we meet the submission requirement.

P/S - the second project is kinda relaxing I guess

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