Ahad, Disember 04, 2005

Mahallah Registration

Expect the unexpected.. Previous semester, I was staying with my friends in 'Usrah Room' where there's 3 person in small room. Today, I went to the college office as early as 9am to register for new room, with compartment for more privacy and better than previous one. At first, I don't care much on how my to-be-roommate will looks like because I don't wanna give a damn on that. I still stick with my old roommate, Haikal. Once I got the room key, I entered the room. Surprisingly, 3 ceiling fans still rotating, as if someone left it on and it supposed to be 2 vacancies (compartment) in that room but the three of them have items that the previous occupants left. They locked the locker. Hey? where I'm gonna put my thang?

After doing some 'room raider' (MTV), me and my friend found that one of the cubicle is totally into 'black metal', even he left his PC, and then my friend found a bottle of vodka, cat and kittens inside a box... Damn!! What kind of people that live inside this room? The atmosphere is not very good for us. We decided to change for another room.. But we'll give it a shot for this two weeks..

P/S: I would rather live with punk rock fans than black metal fans... Scary.. (>_<)

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