Ahad, September 11, 2005

UIA - water supply cut off?

Hallo. This is another issue that circles at my campus. Actually, I don't know about this news because I don't read newspaper that day. But, from the morning, the water supply was still there but by the afternoon, something wrong with the water that should came out at the sink. I went back home and my mum tell me about the accident. Here's the part of the article that I took from News Straits Times, 10 Sept 2005.
Water supply cut off after oil spill By Devinder Singh
KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - An accident involving two palm oil tankers at Km29.3 of the Kuala Lumpur-Karak highway this afternoon caused an oil spill that has contaminated the water supply to 13 areas in Selangor. The two-kilometre long oil slick leaked into several streams leading to the Gombak river.

Now? how long this shortage gonna happen? I can't bear to take bath or pass motion inside UIA right now. I'm sorry for all my friends who have to live in college. Lucky my home is just 20km away from UIA.

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