Sabtu, Ogos 06, 2005

Mixed Media Sculptural Painting

I'm kinda busy this week to finish my project, as you can see the title above. My media consists of glass, paper collage and acrylic paints. I finished my composition around 2 days. lesser than that actually. But, everything seems to go wrong. I admit that it was my mistakes, not seeing the lecturers for consultation.
  • The planes of glasses is quite heavy
  • I was given short time for presentation and I forgot what I should've say
  • I swear that I will destroy my artwork if I got B- and below
Since the incident on 2004, I think that I don't have the value of appreciating artwork, instead destroy them. For more pictures including my friends' artworks, just surf my
P/S: Make mistake and learn from it.. but don't repeat it or you'll be a LOSER

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