Rabu, Ogos 31, 2005

Independence Day

Today is our 48th celebration of national independence day. Last time I celebrate it at KLCC and Bukit Bintang but this year, I wanna do it differently. Yup, I still enjoy myself. I celebrated the countdown at UIA because UIA also held an event for this. There are some performance from talented UIA students. From poetry, dikir barat and also bunch of musicians in gamelan band.

Yea, the event took place at the 'Firaun Staircase', in front of the Admission & Record building. I guess that's the only night at UIA where almost more than thousands students, some staffs and outsiders, gathered for the celebration. After the countdown, we sang patriotic songs and asmaul husna.

What makes me more excited is that, there are also some contest held throughout this month and my friends and I very excited to cheers for those winners. And the most important thing is that, my kulliyah, KAED won the first place for the flag flying competition between kulliyahs.

P/S - forgot to bring my own flag that nite..

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