Sabtu, Julai 30, 2005

My ex-girlfriend engagement

What do you think about it? I mean, you have been with your girlfriend before, love each other and sometime think about your future together. Then, of course we can't predict the future, when its come to relationship, you may break-up with your partner, he or she dump you and live separately. OK, I'll stop this mumbling. Its just that, she was my first girlfriend but for 5 years, I don't found the chemistry in our relationship and that's why I dumped her.

Around 2 weeks ago, she sent me SMS to invite me to her engagement. I was very shocked to know bout it but I only can pray for her happiness and I hope she'll live happily with her husband in one years' time.

I wanna see her today during her engagement but my mum reminded me that, usually only family and close relatives will attend the function. Yep, she's true and I wish to see her later

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