Khamis, Jun 23, 2005

Initial D - How Fast is 1 Second?

I went to KLCC to watch the latest film from Hong Kong, and the most expensive one, Initial D, seems like '2 Fast 2 Furious' but I bet this is kinda cool. It was adapted from their manga and anime. Hm.. should I tell you brief about the movie? I never watch the anime before... my sis told me that the drawing of the cars is better than the drawing of the characters.

I'll give 4 star for this movie, I guess the storyline is quite simple and predictable. The hero won the race by the last 5 hairpins. This is the third or fourth time I watch movie alone. I mean, I didn't go for a movie with my friends. The last time was when I watching 'Terminator 3', '2 Fast 2 Furious' and .. I don't remember.

One more, I thought DiGi was having the carnival with the cast on 25th, but it was on 22nd June. I missed my chance to see the Nissan Trueno AE86 live. I dun give a damn for the characters, Jay Chou, Edison Chen or else..

P/S- you can download the trailer if you wanna have a sneak preview of the movie.. just hit 'initial d movie trailer' in 'yahoo' or 'google'...

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