Rabu, April 06, 2005

Corporate video contest

My friend from my former school told me that his college his having a corporate video contest. So, he insists me to participate in the contest. He added that there's no participation yet. So, if I joined, then my probability to win is quite high.

I make the video with my friend, Ficz, at his place. Yeah, he got powerful computer than mine. I even overnite at his place for 2 nights only. We used Flash MX, Swishmax and Ulead VideoStudio6. Yeah.. I admit. I'm still new at creating montage and so on.

But my friend who watched my final version.. he's not satisfied with it. Yeah.. I know. I just do it without any seriousness. I just playing with it. I want to improve my skill in flash animation and video editing.. Hm.. anyway.. hope I can win at least consolation prizes..

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