Jumaat, Februari 25, 2005

English test

I sit for Level 4 English test on Saturday, at Science Building. The test started at 2pm and the duration is 2.5 hours. I just managed to finish the test 45 minutes earlier. The are 3 section, reading comprehension, grammatical error and summary.

I just went out early not because I'm confident with my answers, eventually, I dunno what else to be done. I'm not very understand how to correct the grammar mistakes in the section 2, so I just do it my way. My friend told me, as soon as I went out from the exam hall, a lot of students from the front rows also doing the same way too. Sometimes, its good to start or to be pioneer in good things.

After the exam, I went out to see my lil sis, Adila at my former school, SM Teknik KL, Cheras. I went there with my family and actually, we're supposed to celebrate her birthday which fall on 16th Feb, and she just staying in the hostel for 6 days.
Its kind of new experience for her to stay in hostel. Hahah.. serve her right!

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