Ahad, Januari 09, 2005

Flirting ??

This is another big day of my life. Eventhough its not a hard day or a long day for me, I will always remember this day in my life. I never thought its gonna be like this and damn..!

If I was not mistaken, I only told one girl about my past. I used to flirt. And some other girls that I chat with. Actually, I planned to change my attitude. Not to mess around with girls, I mean not to flirt anymore. Just be a good boy and don't play with girls' feeling. I felt the pain before when my ex-girlfriend show me what its like to mess with her feeling.

Today, when I chat with my friend, when I entered the topic of relationship, and I told her that I used to flirt. I was surprised to know that she already knew that thing. When I asked her again, she told me that I'm famous and most of them know about my past. I wonder how this news can spread so soon? I guess I know which girl spread this news.

After that, I rang my good friend and I asked her about the truth. Yeah. I got it right. She told me what she knew about the gossip about me. And now, at this time when I wrote this blog, I'm totally depressed. I guess I won't contact any girl for this moment. No Friendster, no chat, no YM, no SMS and no calls.

One thing is that, I guess the girl that I adore, was thinking that I'm only flirting with her. I've spent a lot of money back then. Now I realize, at this moment, I set up a limitation for me.. Not to mess up with girls.... anymore...

Adlan - Remember the true love - Allah s.w.t. and His Messenger Muhammad s.a.w.

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  1. hurm..no chat?no sms?that's why u don't reply ma' msg huh??u want 2 change ur attitude???good 4 u then...alll da' best..hehehe...so i guess this is the new adlan???but i think i like "the old" adlan...