Sabtu, Januari 29, 2005

Back to normal

Hmm.. after 2 weeks since I blog about flirting, now I'm back. I mean, I stop doing ignoring girls and I just talk with them only if I got any inquiry that I should ask them. And now, my focus is still on this one girl. I'll talk to her as usual and send SMSs as usual.

Besides, I also started to chat again thru YM, and reply messages to girls. But, its just like that. I ain't going any personal with girls anymore. Just be a good friend and don't have any relationship. Otherwise, I will be in a big trouble.

1 ulasan:

  1. r u a gemini? i seems to have no strong belief to yourself.. once u said u wanna change but then i seems to loosen it.. dude, u should hold on to what you've said..but well, just good luck...